Saw Blades From £7.50

All types of saw blades can be re-sharpened, from Festool Blades to 12″ mitre saw blades.

All saw blades are professionally sharpened and retipped by a qualified saw doctor.

Items are sent off on a Wednesday and are back the following Wednesday for collection.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Breaker Steels Medium £3.00 Heavy £4.00
Bolsters Medium £4.00 Heavy £5.00
Clay Spades Medium £5.00 Heavy £6.00
Wear Charge 2-3″ per mm £12.00
Wear Charge 4-4½” per mm £16.50
Wear Charge 5″ per mm £18.50
Wear Charge 6″ per mm £21.00