If you’re searching for efficient equipment for your brick breaker operation within South London, then Delta Tool Hire and Sales are a premier choice. We are a family run company with extensive knowledge and history within our industry. We offer everything from hire tools on a daily or weekly basis, to tool sales.

If you require breaker hire, then Delta Tools have a range of breakers available to rent. We stock everything from a small chipping hammer, to a medium breaker, light breaker, hydraulic breaker and a heavy breaker. Depending on the requirements of your project, our tool hire prices start from just £24! Understandably, knowing which breaker to hire is sometimes difficult. All of our breaker equipment is specific to what kind of project you’re working on. If you’re working within the domestic area, then you may only require breaker hire that is fit for that project, rather than a larger scale project in the commercial sector.

The team here at Delta Tools can instruct you on which breaker equipment is most suitable to the project you are working on. For brick breaker hire, generally we would suggest using the small chipping hammer if you’re breaking a wall, however if you’re working on a larger scale project then there are other options available. Why not give one of our team members here at Delta Tools a call to discuss your requirements in more detail so that we can give you an accurate suggestions on what is most suitable for your project.

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